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“Lack of Growth is the #1 reason people quit their jobs.”

- Deloitte Jobs Survey (2016)

Solution and Workshops 

Gravity Learning will deliver a single engaging and interactive learning experience, revolving around insights, skills, and research. People will love it. 

Workshop Duration: 1 hour
Delivery: live, hands-on, remote delivery (in-person is available)
Number of Attendees: Rate is inclusive of up to 100.
Date: June 17th, 2021


In this fascinating and useful hands-on session, you’ll leverage the culmination of 132 studies. Those studies reveal the top 4 variables that factor into how people judge your meetings. Get ready to see, learn, and apply real-world skills that will leave people saying… “That was a good meeting!"


The ability to get engagement from all types of meeting attendees, even introverts

Remote meetings that feel as useful and engaging as in-person

Real-world tools that keep meetings on track (really) and get things done


Special Sauce: Our Extended Learning Model 

Our methods result in an average of 180% better learning.

We’ve all experienced “feel good” training that didn’t make a significant difference. Gravity Learning courses leverage research that leads to real impact.

We back it up with a satisfaction guarantee.

Download the Extended Learning Support Model to see how we get 180% better learning results. 

Special Sauce #2: Evaluation that Proves Learning 

Bank on it.

Learning will be evaluated to prove effectiveness all the way to ROI.

All workshops measure: 

  • Reaction: What is the initial response to the learning?
  • Learning: Did learners learn anything?
  • Behavior: Did learners take action? 
  • Results: Did the action make an impact?
  • ROI: Did the learning make sense in dollars and cents?

Our ROI calculator helps you to predict what sort of results you'll need to make training worth it.

Remember to consider cascading benefits. A manager who saves herself 5 minutes may save a team an hour.  

Options and Pricing

Start with fantastic. Build from there. 

Custom program design is available and encouraged. Additional fees may apply.

Price: – $1,110 / workshop 

  • Higher-Ed discount pricing
  • 1-hour hands on workshop
  • Peer-to-peer partnering service
  • Follow up practice assignments
  • Handouts and takeaways 
  • Impact measurement and ROI reports 


– $620/ Streamlined video of workshop (yours to keep)


quick reference guide


Bonus "Give Back" Program

New clients choose their favorite charity and we'll deliver a workshop for free of charge. 

We'll reach out to your charity of choice and deliver a workshop of their choice in your name. 

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