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Supercharge Your Learning Department
or Upskill Your Learning Team

(or both)


Learning and Program Design

Get your team creating scientifically formulated, replicable learning design that leads to 180% more on-the-job skill transfer.


Proof of Success with ROI Measurements

We'll show you how to build and facilitate sophisticated learning measurement--resulting in the hard proof leaders need.


Teaching for Results

Your teaching team will be blown away by psychologically designed teaching techniques that blend science, humanism, and awesomeness. 


Yes, your learning team can get 180% better results.

How much do you remember and use from the last workshop you took? Probably not very much. 

Learning departments have traditionally focused on needs assessments, outlines, and teaching skills. Also, traditionally, people attend workshops, have a good time, and immediately forget almost everything they learned.

Gravity Learning design is based on research that outlines specific things you can do to supercharge learners' on-the-job skill usage.

For example, did you know that the most impactful thing you can do has nothing to do with what happens in the classroom? When peers meet to discuss learning outside of the classroom, there is a full 33% boost in the likelihood they'll use new skills. That’s why the Gravity Learning methodology includes peer-to-peer partnering services for every learning experience.

When we work with your team, we’ll show you step-by-step how to build some seriously impressive programs. We'll get hands-on with real projects. We'll use the methodology to teach you the methodology. You're going to love it.

Getting 180% better results is a little more work, but not much more, and it's not even very difficult. Let’s do this.


How can you measure learning programs in a way that will make your department the org darling?

You’ll finally be able to PROVE to leadership what you’ve always known:
learning is a valuable investment.

We all understand that learning is a great investment, but it's hard to prove it to leadership. The Gravity Learning measurement process is designed to uncover what's really important and measure the heck out of it, all the way to ROI.

We’ll get hands-on with your team to make sure you can design and implement the best learning measurement program you’ve ever seen.


Your teachers, trainers, and instructional designers are already good. Can Gravity make them even better?

Yes, and we guarantee it.

Before starting Gravity Learning, our founders had over 40 years of experience training teachers and leading learning teams. We've worked with everyone from raw recruits to Learning and Development veterans. Our unique blend of science, psychology, and humanism aims directly at what's most important: new skills that actually get used.

Your learning staff will be able to follow easy step-based structures to make all learning clearer, more usable, and inherently more engaging.

Don't tell the other subjects, but teaching teachers is our favorite.

When we say we guarantee, we mean it. Everything we do is backed with a satisfaction guarantee.

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