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Gravity Learning GPS-Style Coaching is the #1 Driver of ROI

Gravity GPS Coaching

Gravity coaches utilize the Guided Problem-Solving (GPS) methodology of coaching.

It's designed to lead coachees through a series of questions to overcome difficult problems, make tough decisions, and grow when they're feeling stuck.

Who is coaching for?

    • Executives
    • Decision makers
    • People on their way up
    • High Performers who are feeling "stuck"

How is Gravity Coaching Different?

Gravity Coaching is incredibly action focused. Our method hinges on the idea that most humans already have solutions somewhere in their brains, they just need the right sounding board and structure to bring them out. After the coachee has been guided to a solution, we create concrete actionable plans to set success in motion.

We have been doing this for years and are still amazed just how incredibly effective our coaching method is.


Oh, yeah? Prove it.

We will! At the end of your coaching journey, we’ll quantify the effect of coaching on professional productivity. We’ll turn growth into ROI reports.

--and, like all Gravity services, coaching comes with our unheard-of money back guarantee. That's how confident we are that you'll be happy you felt the weight of Gravity.

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