Why We're Special

Design and Delivery That Maximizes Learning

We put a ton of thought and research into how we do things.

Measurable, Sustainable, Long-Term Results

Our structure of teaching is so strong we teach it to other learning and development teams.

How Gravity Works

It’s not hard to find people asserting trends, or opinions, or even common knowledge as truth without offering proof. That's not our jam.


Multi-Touch Learning Journey


Demonstrable ROI


Hands-on Experiential Learning


Multi-Touch Learning Experience - Not Just "One-And-Done"

Traditional single-touch learning doesn't work that well. What do you remember from the last "class" you took? Probably not that much. 

At Gravity Learning, we transform every learning experience in ways that align with the best research2.

It's important to point out that extended learning isn't just spread out or dripped learning. It’s a psychological journey designed to mimic how we humans naturally learn in everyday life.

Bottom Line? Our learning design results in an average of 180% better on-the-job application. 

learning-steps<br />


Most learning programs are evaluated by a short survey most attendees ignore. Of course, that makes it difficult to prove that learning is a good investment (even though we know in our hearts that it is.)

If your leaders like to validate business decisions with hard data, get ready to be happy.

We measure the heck out of learning results. You'll have transparent access to important metrics, like:

  • Knowledge checks to prove understanding
  • Confidence and intention measurements to prove willingness
  • Long-term evaluations to substantiate behavior change, impact and...
  • ROI. Yes, we get ROI measurements from soft skills like management training and communication

We partner with the prestigious ROI Institute.

roi institute

All of your  programs will be evaluated all the way up to ROI and Kirkpatrick’s sought-after Level 4. (warning: clicking that link will lead to nerdy details about measuring learning.)

Check out our Metrics and Client Center.


In real life, we observe a problem, think up a range of solutions, try the solutions, and if one works we plan to use it later.

In the classroom, mirroring this “Experiential Learning” model has been shown to lead to 43% better learning outcomes1 and deliver more impact on performance than any other variable including background, socioeconomic upbringing, and even past performance. 

That's why we design all our programs around it.


Here, we get problem focused.


Next, we think about it and discuss.


Real-world tools are step-based & sensible.


We make sure you try new tools right away.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.



Attend for Free

We can't wait for your learning team to see us do our thing. One attendee from your Learning and Development department (or HR) can attend every workshop we run for your organization--for free. 


Get Targeted Customization or Leverage "Ready to Go" Workshops

You can choose something off-the-shelf or we will tailor learning to your environment.

We are happy to customize content, branding, examples or other needs you might have--all without charging an arm and a leg. 

Ask us about our method for turning your unique challenges into fantastic outcomes.  


Donate a Workshop to Your Favorite Charity

When you book your first workshop, we’ll donate a workshop to your favorite charity. Gravity Learning is happy to make a difference for people who make a difference


Just Talk to Us. We're Nice People Who Like to Have Fun

We think that everything is better if it’s fun; this includes learning. Fun is best when it’s also supportive and thoughtful. We bring our personality to all our workshops and we hope you will too.

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