Proposed Learning Journey - Spoken 

In these times, managers and guest services employees face unique challenges when making and supporting connections with guests, direct reports, and other employees. 

Employees must discover that skillful mindfulness is the key to every positive interaction, and the key to a thriving guest-centered business.


“Lack of Growth is the #1 reason people quit their jobs.”

- Deloitte Jobs Survey (2016)

Solution and Workshops 

Gravity Learning will deliver a series of growth-oriented skill workshops for managers and guest services. Between and after the workshops, attendees will be supported with peer-to-peer connections, small real-world assignments, leadership support, and dripped content designed to increase skill usage.

For Managers:
We recommend a 4-workshop learning series, followed by a 5th "presentation" session, where managers deliver a short proposal to leadership about specific actions they will take to integrate learning topics into their team and the Spoken brand.

For Guest Services:                                                                                                
We recommend a 2-workshop learning series, focused on the psychology and skills of mindful customer service—the kind that creates return guests who evangelize their experience.

Workshop Duration: 2hrs, each, ideally 1-week apart
Delivery: live, hands-on, remote delivery to accommodate all properties (in-person is available)
Number of Attendees: Rate is inclusive of up to 20.  

Optional Licensing and Onboarding
As the Spoken brand builds an internal values-based "people skill" training department, Gravity Learning is available to train internal staff on both material and the science/psychology of delivering fantastic skill-workshops that are engaging and make a measurable difference.  

For Managers 


Respect is one of the top four human-emotional needs. In this fascinating and useful research-backed session, leaders learn and use skills to build and leverage a two-way respect relationship with team members of all types.


Leadership based in respect dynamics instead of power dynamics

The ability to quickly solve team problems with real-world flexibility

Feedback that promotes growth and innovation (without people taking it wrong)

Change announcements that connect with different personality types



Here, we leverage a game-changing meta-analytic published in the Journal of Applied Psychology. Researchers compared 106 studies about trust in leadership to determine what really goes into a successful trust relationship. We take the findings and turn them into real world skills you can use right away to build trust with and on your team.  


The ability to intentionally develop the top 3 factors that go into trust in leadership

A clear structure for setting well-defined expectations

A structure of visibility and reporting to implement with the team

Increased relationship building skills to develop trust  



Everyone agrees that “accountability” is important. How to get accountability and hold people accountable is… less clear—until now. In this workshop attendees learn natural ways to assign tasks, get  accountability, support it, and respectfully hold people accountable when necessary.  


A redefined mindset of accountability

Tasks that lead to people taking accountability for success

Mistakes that are less scary

The ability to respectfully hold people accountable without over-reacting



No one likes difficult conversations, yet some people are very good at them. In this interesting and valuable workshop, we examine and adopt skills the most successful communicators use to get successful outcomes from difficult conversations, with fewer emotional repercussions.

These techniques are game changers.      


Easier and more natural assertiveness, even for people who like to be nice

A step-by-step path to activate real-world emotional intelligence

Difficult conversations that are more likely to happen and less likely to go wrong

The ability to say ‘no’ and come out sounding helpful  



Attendees present a short proposal about how they will use skills from the series in a concrete way. Attendees exhibit understanding and solidified real-world plans to make sure their learning translates and transfers to the real world.   


For Guest Services


Here we explore the fascinating science and skills that are the foundation of more-than-satisfied guests. We mix discovery and insight with skills and practice. Attendees learn and apply human-centric mindfulness techniques they can bring to every guest interaction.


The ability to leverage the top-3 scientifically proven aspects of excellent customer service

Interactions with guests that feel gracious and connected

The ability to realign toward a guest-centric mindset in 3 seconds or less, even when stressed



In today’s world we all carry additional mental “weight”. Sometimes, that leads to difficult guest interactions. Research shows that when we understand the psychology behind difficult behavior, we can connect with our enate desire to relate with and help the human in front of us.

In this game-changing workshop, we explore the mindset of depersonalizing difficult guest behavior and practice the skillset necessary to graciously satisfy needs, both stated and hidden.


Guests who feel listened to and supported

Assertiveness aligned to respect and human connection

The ability to own mistakes in gracious and satisfying ways

The ability to say ‘no’ and come out sounding helpful


Special Sauce: Our Extended Learning Model 

Our methods result in an average of 180% better learning.

We’ve all experienced “feel good” training that didn’t make a significant difference. Gravity Learning courses leverage research that leads to real impact.

We back it up with a satisfaction guarantee.

Download the Extended Learning Support Model to see how we get 180% better learning results. 

Special Sauce #2: Evaluation that Proves Learning 

Bank on it.

Learning will be evaluated to prove effectiveness all the way to ROI.

All workshops measure: 

  • Reaction: What is the initial response to the learning?
  • Learning: Did learners learn anything?
  • Behavior: Did learners take action? 
  • Results: Did the action make an impact?
  • ROI: Did the learning make sense in dollars and cents?

Our ROI calculator helps you to predict what sort of results you'll need to make training worth it.

Remember to consider cascading benefits. A manager who saves herself 5 minutes may save a team an hour.  

Options and Pricing

Start with fantastic. Build from there. 

Each 2-hour session is available in 3 tiers.
Custom program design is available and encouraged. Additional fees may apply.

– $2,950/ea: Workshop - 7 session total: $20,650
(includes peer-to-peer partnering & follow up practice assignments)


– $825/ea: Report & Support brief & for leaders 
– $1,950/ea: Dig deeper learning videos, keep the learning going
– $1,450/ (up to 10) 1-on-1 pre-interview with each attendee
– $4,220/ Streamlined video of workshop topics (yours to keep)

– $800/ea: 2 open office hours or 6 coaching sessions 


Bonus "Give Back" Program

New clients choose their favorite charity and we'll deliver a workshop for free of charge. 

We'll reach out to your charity of choice and deliver a workshop of their choice in your name. 

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