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For the COBA, CobaLT, and CobaLT XL teams, it all starts with accountability. 

Everyone agrees that “accountability” is important. How to get accountability and hold people accountable is… less clear—until now. In this workshop attendees learn natural ways to assign tasks, get accountability, display accountability, and respectfully hold people accountable when necessary.  


“Lack of Growth is the #1 reason people under 35 quit their jobs.”

- Deloitte Jobs Survey (2016)

Solution and Workshops 

Audience: Gravity Learning will deliver a series of growth-oriented workshops for a individual contributors, leadership, and senior leadership on the COBA team.   

Between Workshops: Attendees will be supported with peer-to-peer work, focused real-world assignments, optional 1-on-1 coaching, and dripped content--all designed to increase on-the-job application.

Workshop Duration: 2hrs each, ideally 1 week apart
Additional "Between Workshops" Commitment: ~90 minutes weekly, for real-world application and peer meetings
Delivery: live, hands-on, remote delivery (in-person is available, travel costs not included)
Number of Attendees: Target: 15 per session. Rate is inclusive of up to 20.

Get and Hold Accountability  



51% of high performers resent it when peers aren’t held accountable, yet 82% of of managers have “little to no” defined structure to hold others accountable1.

This is unsuprising when we think about how accountability is often confused with “responsibility” or “owning mistakes”. When we redefine accountability as “responsibility for success” we can leverage fantastic research showing what leaders and individual contributors can do to create—and follow—a clear path to achievement.


A redefined mindset of accountability

Clear tasks that lead to  accountability for success

Reporting and respectful visibility

The ability to respectfully hold people and yourself accountable without overreacting



Did you know research published in the Social and Personality Psychology Compass Journal showed that positive feedback can be just as damaging as negative feedback... depending on the situation?2

In this fascinating session, we explore the surprising research behind positive and constructive feedback, model the way successful communicators give feedback, and learn how to best accept feedback to engender trust and growth. This workshop is a game changer.

Note: prepare to have your opinions


Clear guidelines on when to use positive vs. constructive feedback

A quick and easy model to give feedback without emotional backlash

The ability to gracefully accept feedback and look good doing it



No one likes difficult conversations, yet some people are very good at them. In this interesting and valuable workshop, we examine and adopt skills the most successful communicators use to get successful outcomes from difficult conversations, with fewer emotional repercussions.

DID YOU KNOW:  that simply by "framing" your difficult conversations before you have them, you can reduce "assertiveness backlash" by 27%? 3 Framing is just one of the skills you'll learn! 


Easier and more natural assertiveness, even for people who like to be nice

A step-by-step path to activate real-world emotional intelligence

Difficult conversations that are more likely to happen and less likely to go wrong



This session cements learning. Attendees create real-world application opportunities for the tools they’ve learned. Then, they create specific action-orientated plans and present those plans to the group.


Learning that sticks

Real-world action plans with dates and tasks 

Accountability plans and a partner to move actions forward with


Our methods result in an average of 180% better learning.

We’ve all experienced “feel good” training that didn’t make a significant difference. Gravity Learning courses leverage research that leads to real impact.

We back it up with a satisfaction guarantee.

Download the Extended Learning Support Model to see how we get 180% better learning results. 

Options and Pricing

Start with fantastic. Build from there. 

Custom program design is available and encouraged. Additional fees may apply.

Each Learning Session: $2,950 - $11,800, total 

- inclusive of multi-touch learning experience and peer-partnering for up to 20 attendees

- each addition attendee: $700   ($15,300 for 25 attendees)


1-on-1 initial interviews: the facilitator gathers individual needs, challenges, and goals to maximize effectiveness for each attendee.  - $80/each

Individual Coaching: Attendees meet with their facilitator between sessions or after the series to get help or solve problems. - $200/each, 20 min coaching session - Recommend 25% of attendee count, per workshop

Branding: Looks matter - $950 (one time): Slides, handouts, and materials branding

Org and Culture Alignment  (one time): 45-minute High-Level HR meeting designed to weave BeiGene culture, projects, terminology, and “goings on” into the sessions  - included

“You Can Take It with You”: Streamlined course video, edited to remove discussion and exercises. Useful for review, revisiting, and reliving the magic. - $1,495, each unlimited access for attendees 


Bonus "Give Back" Program

New clients choose their favorite charity and we'll deliver a workshop free of charge. 

We'll reach out to your charity of choice and deliver a workshop of their choice in your name. 

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1 - Koskinen, I. (2000). Plans, evaluation, and accountability at the workplace. Sociological Research Online4(4), 11-27. Chicago
2 - Fishbach, A., Eyal, T., & Finkelstein, S. R. (2010). How positive and negative feedback motivate goal pursuit. Social and Personality Psychology Compass4(8), 517-530.​
3 - Maxfield, D., Grenny, J., & McMillan, C. Emotional Inequality: Skills to Minimize Social Backlash.