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What Makes Our Metrics Special?

We track and give you access to the data you need to validate your learning investment.


We get every metric you might care about, all the way to R.O.I.

We measure and report on reaction, knowledge gained, behavior change, impact on the business, and ROI. Yes, we really get to ROI.   


Get Net Promoter scores.

A recommendation is a strong indicator of value. Net Promoter scores are the gold standard of recommendation measurement.


We motivate, cajole, reward, and inspire participation.

Measuring doesn't do much if we can't get attendees to participate. We're on it. 


Get branded quarterly reports you can take directly to leaders.

Metrics are downloadable at any time. Our results-driven data is designed to give you the ammo you need to make decisions or influence stakeholders.


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Let us know you have need and we'll get right on it.

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