Proposed Learning Journey - Ball State

The University Dining department of Ball State University is in an interesting position.

Returning to campus after the pandemic presents unique challenges for the administration and professional staff, including:

  • Traversing burnout and reigniting motivation for learning
  • Comfort navigating delicate communication (especially “challenging” conversations)
  • Competition for staff resources as food service jobs begin post-pandemic hiring surge

“Lack of Growth is the #1 reason people under 35 quit their jobs.”

- Deloitte Millennial Survey (2016)

Solution and Workshops 

During the Fall Unit Training, Gravity Learning will deliver growth-oriented skill workshops. After the workshop, we'll support learning in a way that leads to an average of 180% better transfer to on-the-job use. Then, we’ll evaluate the heck out of the learning program to show real world results and ROI data leaders need.

Below, we've suggested 3 workshops, based on our conversation.

Duration: 2hrs, each
Delivery: live, hands-on, remote delivery (in-person is available)
Number of Attendees: 50 - We recommend groups of 15-17 for maximum effect. We also understand cost is a factor. Let's get creative. 


We all understand that empathy is important. Yet, remembering to connect to compassion during stressful or elevated situations is challenging at best.

In this practical hands-on workshop, we connect with fascinating science and research supported tools that allow humans to relate empathetically when our brain is urging us to react. These are the tools that lead to wisdom, and they're fantastic.

The ability to derail automatic responses and act in ways we’ll be proud of later.
Conversations that feel more respectful, interested, and human.
Effective skills that allow us to relate to others


Why is it so problematic to have difficult conversations about behavior or to make your wishes known? Why are people so sensitive? How can we approach difficult conversations with confidence? These are the questions we address in this game-changing workshop.

We leverage studies that show how the most successful communicators depersonalize difficult conversations and make them future-focused. Attendees use these same techniques to have assertive conversations that feel and sound natural, and receive the most positive outcomes.

More confidence around difficult conversations—making them more likely to happen.
A modern approach to assertiveness that focuses on respect.
Better relationships with your team and the ability to stimulate growth without hurt feelings.


Countless books about motivation have been written. Wikipedia’s offering on Motivation is 42 printed pages long. With that much information, it’s important to leverage the most impactful tools revealed by statistically significant studies.

You don’t need to be a cheerleader to motivate. You just need a clear and practical plan to make a real difference with your team, right away. Leaders love this workshop.

A clear plan to motivate employees in ways science has proven successful.
Confidence that you’re doing everything you can to support job satisfaction.
1-on-1 meetings designed around the #1 motivating factor—growth.

Special Sauce: Our Extended Learning Model 

Our methods result in an average of 180% better learning.

We’ve all experienced “feel good” training that didn’t make a significant difference. Gravity Learning courses leverage research that leads to real impact.

We back it up with a satisfaction guarantee.

Download the Extended Learning Support Model to see how we get 180% better learning results. 

Special Sauce #2: Evaluation that Proves Learning 

Bank on it.

Learning will be evaluated to prove effectiveness all the way to ROI.

All workshops measure: 

  • Reaction: What is the initial response to the learning?
  • Learning: Did learners learn anything?
  • Behavior: Did learners take action? 
  • Results: Did the action make an impact?
  • ROI: Did the learning make sense in dollars and cents?

Our ROI calculator helps you to predict what sort of results you'll need to make training worth it. 

Options and Pricing

Start with fantastic. Build from there. 

Each 2-hour session is available in 3 tiers.
Custom program design is available and encouraged.

Price listed does not include 5% Higher Ed Discount

Each 2 hour workshop is available in 3 tiers:

– $2,950/ea: Workshop
– $3,983/ea: Workshop Plus 
– $6,195/ea: Max Impact


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Bonus "Give Back" Program

New clients choose their favorite charity and we'll deliver a workshop for free of charge. 

We'll reach out to your charity of choice and deliver a workshop of their choice in your name. 

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