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hands-on interactive sessions with real-world tools

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Spreadsheets & Data Management 

Spreadsheet Basics

Audience: People who don’t build formulas yet
Duration: 2hr. "Greatest Hits" or  2 session "Gravity Series"

In a world where spreadsheet management is commonplace, how do we start getting the most out of spreadsheet software? In this workshop we take a quick tour and jump right into table management and formulas. You’ll be sorting, filtering, and creating basic formulas with the best of them.

- video description and outline

“Next Level” Spreadsheets - Pivot Tables and More

Audience: You can use spreadsheet software like Excel or Google Sheets. You’re ready to learn the exciting “next level” stuff 
Duration: 2hr. "Greatest Hits" or  4 session "Gravity Series" 

After you’re comfortable with spreadsheet management it’s time to get into the powerful stuff.

Pivot tables make sense of big spreadsheets to show results you care about. IF functions let Excel make choices based on the content of a cell. VLOOKUP saves hours of work by combining separate spreadsheets. 

Shoot, people tell us this workshop is worth it just for the shortcuts. You need this.

Excel for People Already Good at Excel

Audience: You’re good at Excel, but you know it can do so much more.
Duration: 2hr. "Greatest Hits" or  4 session "Gravity Series" 

In this workshop an Excel wizard and master-level teacher shows you how to make Excel jump through hoops, automate processes, and apply detailed logic. You’ll learn tips and tricks that will make you say, “Whaaaaaat?!”

Intro to Business Data Analysis

Audience: You have data and want to produce better reports
Duration: 2hr. "Greatest Hits" or  2 session "Gravity Series" 

This workshop will show you how to set up well-formed data sets which will ultimately help you produce reports using Excel, SQL, Power BI and Tableau.

You will learn to quickly identify and remedy data imperfections for better data analysis. Additionally, we will explore some helpful DAX functions so you can start producing "next level" reports.

Data Modeling for Better Business Decisions

Audience: You're not new to data reporting and you're ready for "next level" skills
Duration: 2 session "Gravity Series" or 4 session "Gravity Series" (2hr. ea)

Point and click, drag and drop tools are great. But if your business is ever-changing then so is your data.

In this workshop you will learn to harness the flexibility of SQL (Structured Query Language) and data modeling with Power Query. You and your data will rise to a new level of reporting; exactly where you need to be.

Slide Design and Next-Level Presentations

Mastering Slide Design - Way Beyond the Basics

Audience: You can use PowerPoint, but you’d like to be an expert
Duration: 2hr. "Greatest Hits" or  2 session "Gravity Series" 

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could breeze through master slides, engage viewers with professional looking animation, and build interactive presentations people rave about? Well, look no further.

This is the PowerPoint class for people who want to be proud of their slide decks.

The Psychology of PowerPoint

Audience: People who know that slide decks can be something to be proud of. 
Duration: 2hr. "Greatest Hits" or  2 session "Gravity Series" 

We’ve all suffered through bullet-heavy, jam-packed, ugly presentations. Yet, we keep building them. Why? 

In this captivating workshop we explore the psychology of presentation design. We examine research-based best practices around slide content, displaying data, and animation that helps with retention.

You’ll learn about imagery, design, and how to make a deck work for live presentation and as reading material. This is the thinking person’s PowerPoint class. You’re going to love it.   

Present to Impress – Techniques for Impact

Audience: All presenters who utilize a slide deck.  
Duration: 2hr. "Greatest Hits" or  2 session "Gravity Series" 

Doesn't it make you cringe when a presenter reads the whole PowerPoint to their audience? The prevalence of PowerPoint has led to Death by PowerPoint. In this workshop you’ll learn the most common mistakes, why people repeatedly make them, and how you can shine.

If you’re worried that your presentations have too much data (they do), are too boring (they are), or how to present with slides in a way that helps your audience… this is the class for you.

Communication & Productivity

Time Management with Outlook

Audience: People who are challenged by time management. So, pretty much everyone. 
Duration: 2hr.

Time management is not natural to humans and it’s one of the most important professional skills you can learn. In this workshop, we combine proven time management techniques with the most popular business calendar. Then, we learn techniques to take our life back from email. Sounds good? It is!

Task Management - Assign and Track Tasks

Audience: Everyone with Office 365, but especially people managers
Duration: 2hr.

If you track tasks or would like to start tracking tasks, this 2-hour session will help you get started. Learn to create, edit and track your tasks with ease. There are so many tips, tricks and hidden gems in that we would love to share with you.

MS Project

Audience: Project Managers and people who work on projects
Duration: 2hr. "Greatest Hits" or  2 session "Gravity Series" 

MS Project is the industry standard project management software. It's super useful, but not always the most user friendly to new users. That's where we come in! 

Also available: SmartSheet


Audience: Multiple levels.  Ask us!
Duration: Varies, see below

SharePoint is an incredibly useful tool. Our SharePoint workshops are designed to pull back the curtain and make SharePoint incredibly user-friendly.

If you are a department head, an IT admin, a super-user, or if you’re new to SharePoint, we’ve got what you need.


  • SharePoint User:  The how, why, and best practices of SharePoint.
    Duration: 2hr. "Greatest Hits" or  2 session "Gravity Series" 
  • SharePoint Site Owner: Create the most useful SharePoint site, ever.
    Duration: 2hr. "Greatest Hits" or  4 session "Gravity Series" 
  • SharePoint Site Admin: For the SharePoint head honcho.
    Duration: 2hr. "Greatest Hits" or  4 session "Gravity Series" 
MS Teams - Get your Team up to Speed

Audience: People and groups new to MS Teams 
Duration: 2hr.

MS Teams is crazy useful, but it’s not intuitive to everyone. That’s where we come in. We’ll have your group buying-in and up and running on Teams in a way that will make you say, “Go Team!”

MS Teams - Building and Organizing a Team

Audience: People managers, IT professionals, administrators
Duration: 2hr. "Greatest Hits" or  2 session "Gravity Series" 

Without the proper foundation, the structure of MS Teams can get a bit… messy. In this workshop we explore MS Teams features and framework from a design and admin perspective. 

Then, we create a step-by-step plan for surveying stakeholders and designing an intuitive MS Teams environment aligned to UX best practices.    

Impactful Remote Meetings (Using Teams or Zoom)

Audience: People who lead meetings
Duration: 2hr.

Meetings make things happen. Make sure to make your MS Teams or Zoom meetings matter. 

A remote meeting can be just as, or more, impactful than in person. In this hands-on workshop we explore and apply research that reveal the top 4 traits of a “judged successful” meeting.

We use the tools and features built into MS teams or Zoom to create engaging interactivity. You'll feel like a pro after this class. 

Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

Introduction to Self-Service Business Intelligence

Audience: You are aware of the need for interactive data reporting

Sure Microsoft Excel can help you produce some snazzy, even somewhat interactive reports. The business world has entered into a self-service reporting world and you need to keep up.

This wonderful workshop will not only introduce you to interactive business reporting, but by the end of these 2 hours you will have produced and published your own amazing interactive report. Well maybe not amazing, but it will work.

Power Pivot – a Powerful Excel Add-In

Audience: You are overwhelmed with Vlookup and large datasets

Large datasets can be very slow and cumbersome in Microsoft Excel. Although Excel has 1.04 million rows, Excel is not made to handle a high quantity of data. If you experience slow calculation time or dread messing up a complicated "lookup" spreadsheet, then this workshop was made for you.

Excel's Power Pivot platform is a free add-on and ready to help you harnes the power of DAX functions and SQL. Don't be hindered by slow or complicated sheets when you have Power Pivot at your side.

Power BI: Analytics & Visualizations

Audience: You need more impactful story telling with business data

Data arrives in many forms, SQL, CSV, Excel, TXT, jSON... Pulling this data together and producing meaningful reports is a real challenge.

In this course you will learn the unique strengths of Power Query and the interactive visuals found in Power BI. Learn to quickly go from "messy data" to "Stunning Interactive Dashboards".

Power Query - Powerful Data Modeling

Audience: Everyone who needs to "clean up" data before using it for reporting

In this course we will learn magical ways to clean up your data for better reporting which leads to better business decisions. ETL technology has come a long way and is now available to all of us.

Repetative data clean up and modeling is a snap with Power Query. Built into Excel and Power BI Desktop, Power Query is the Holy Grail of data modeling.

Power Apps – Quickly Build Powerful Mobile Apps

Audience: Anyone who needs to make their business data available everywhere

Power Apps is a tool built for anyone who needs to build powerful mobile apps connected to your critical business data. Create a stunning interface to view, add, and edit data from almost any data source.

Building mobile apps is easy and quick with Power Apps. But don't be fooled by this simple approach to app building. Power Apps has a full-featured programming language that allows for robust business app solutions.

Power Automate – Automate the Boring Stuff

Audience: Everyone who wants to automate business workflows

Business workflows are the lifeforce of any business. Automating a workflow can free up time, avoid inconsistency and save money. Microsoft Power Automate is a tool anyone can use to automate business workflows like email arrangement, new employee on-boarding, scheduling, reminders and more.

The of applications for Power Automate are truly endless. If you're not automating, you're really missing out.


Audience: You need more impactful story telling with business data

Data arrives in many forms, SQL, CSV, Excel, TXT... Pulling this data together and producing meaningful reports is a real challenge.

In this course you will learn the unique strengths of the Tableau Prep Builder tool and the interactive visuals found in Tableau. Learn to quickly go from "messy data" to "Interactive Dashboards".

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