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Discovery Meetings for Success

Audience: Analysts, project managers, managers, anyone who partners on projects or works with leadership to make things happen.

How can we best serve our business partners and clients? By being positive that we fully understand their problems, needs, and expectations.

In this game changing workshop, we explore the psychology and skills around building trust and confidence when beginning a project or initiative. Managers will learn the high-level skills the most successful professionals use to lead their team to successful outcomes.

Emotional Management - The Neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence

Audience: Everyone who’s ever been challenged by emotions. So, everyone.
Duration: 2hr.

Humans have forever disappointed themselves trying to control emotions. You don't control emotions, you have them. 

Here we take a captivating look into the neuroscience of emotions and concrete techniques you can use to get your “thinking brain” working when emotions are high. These are the skills you'll be forever thankful for. 

Relationship Management - Skills for Social Awareness and Strong Interactions

Audience: Everyone
Duration: 2hr.

Social awareness and relationship management is not about being a mind reader or second guessing everything you might say.

In this workshop we focus on noticing all kinds of communication and reacting appropriately, making people feel truly listened to, and navigating sensitive social interactions that can either build or harm our reputation.

You’ll learn game-changing skills that are the most heavily correlated with success in all roles.

Remote & Hybrid Team Leadership

Audience: Leaders and People Managers
Duration: 2hr.

The landscape of modern work has changed more in the last few years than ever before. Research is just now starting to catch up.

High-level studies are finding surprising truths about the effect of work from home and what leaders might do to increase job satisfaction, decrease negative effects, and make a significant difference in innovation and the human side of work.

In this workshop, we reveal the fascinating research that is coming to light and use it to make informed plans for our teams. Informed plans are the best kind of plans, aren’t they?

Assertive Communication - Modernized!

Audience: Everyone
Duration: 2hr.

If you’ve had challenges with assertiveness then join the club. 60% of us do.

Sadly, most of us have realized that traditional assertiveness suggestions often lead to assertivness backlash. The good news is that modern assertiveness theory shows us ways to show up in a natural way without wierdness or overreacting.

Be prepared to realign to the “new assertiveness” and apply effective tools that feel more natural and lead to significantly better outcomes.

What Leaders Really Want - Self Leadership!

Audience: Everyone, especially emerging leaders and potential high-performers
Duration: 2hr.

In this workshop, we break the myth of the “dutiful employee“. It turns out that what most of us think leaders want is the opposite of what they really want.

The practice of self-leadership allows anyone to take on a leadership role, step up, and intentionally influence yourself and those around you--in a way that makes you shine.

The practical path of self-leadership involves identifying goals instead of tasks, looking forward, planning, and taking on accountability. Self-leadership skills are the ones that make a difference, and the ones that get you noticed.

Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving

Audience: Leaders
Duration: 1 or 2 Sessions - 2hrs, ea.

You've excelled in your career because you get things done. Moreover, as a leader, people look to you to solve tough problems and you're expected to transition to away from sailing the ship and towards plotting a course.

In this workshop, we unlock creativity with real-world step-by-step tools you'll use right away to strategically create plans and solutions to tough challenges. These tools will become some of the most valuable professional skills you have in your arsenal. You’re going to love this workshop.

Interview to Hire Your Dream Employee

Audience: People Managers & Leaders
Duration: 2hr.

Most of us treat employee interviews as a conversation. Then, we're surprised when the employee doesn't live up to our hopes.

In this hands on step-by-step workshop we will break down the most important characteristics of a dream employee and then craft an interview that uncovers if the candidate has what we want. We’ll use research supported methodologies to get honest answers out of candidates and we’ll be confident we know their skill level in critical competencies.

Don't hire another employee until you take this workshop. It makes a massive difference.

Dealing with Difficult Employee Situations

Audience: People Managers & Leaders
Duration: 2hr. 

One of the hardest parts of any manager's job is dealing with difficult performance or behavior issues, especially if the employee is also a high performer.

Here, we reveal frameworks for approaching problematic behaviors and creating a respectful and inclusive plan designed for positive outcomes.

When managers and leaders have a framework it makes the conversation more likely to go well, and more likely to even happen.

Manage Team Conflict

Audience: People Managers & Leaders
Duration: 2hr. "Greatest Hits" or  2 session "Gravity Series"

80% of workplace conflict never gets solved. It just gets “let go”. Of course, when conflict isn't addressed, it builds up and becomes a systemic relationship issue.

Modern conflict resolution practices provide us with a fantastic roadmap to get to the heart of what's really going on and build solutions that foster strong relationships.

Here, we take a hands-on “how-to” approach to resolving conflicts on your team in a way that feels natural and people-oriented. Managers won’t need these skills every day, but they’ll be very thankful for them when they do.

2 sessions, available together or individually  

  • Managing Conflict on Teams: Step-by-Step
  • Language Skills of Conflict Resolution

The Psychology of PowerPoint

Audience: If you use PowerPoint, this is for you.
Duration: 2hr. 

We’ve all suffered through bullet-heavy, jam-packed, ugly presentations. Yet, we keep building them. Why? 

In this captivating workshop we explore the psychology of presentation design. We examine research-based best practices around slide content, displaying data, and animation that helps with retention.

You’ll learn about imagery, design, and how to make a deck work for live presentation and as reading material. This is the thinking person’s PowerPoint class. You’re going to love it.   

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