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Storytelling by the Numbers - a Recipe for Impactful Storytelling

WHEN: 1/25 at 9:30 am PT

DURATION: 1 hour

FOR WHO: Everyone who would like more "yes" in their professional statements.


We all understand that stories can be impactful, and some of us are good storytellers. What about the rest of us? The nice thing is that good storytelling isn’t as complicated as we think. The structure of stories is built into us as human beings and once we understand it, unlocking the power of stories is easy.

In 1 hour, we turn anyone into a good storyteller. You’ll use this step-by-step method to craft stories that engage and influence your audience. Who knew it was so easy?

OUTCOMES: By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Use stories to prove a point or create action, even if you’re not a good storyteller
  • Include 3 elements in your stories to make them engaging
  • Use the age-old structure of stories right away without thinking too much

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