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The Psychology of PowerPoint

WHEN: 02/02/23 - 9:30am PST, 12:30 pm EST

DURATION: 55 "get-in-get-out" minutes

FOR WHO: People who know that slide decks can be something to be proud of.

We’ve all suffered through bullet-heavy, jam-packed, ugly presentations. Yet, we keep building them. Why?

In this captivating workshop we explore the psychology of presentation design. We examine research-based best practices around slide content, displaying data, and animation that helps with retention.

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: You’ll learn about imagery, design, and how to make a deck work for live presentation and as reading material. This is the thinking person’s PowerPoint class.

  • Surprising research about how to build slides that increase memory and comprehension
  • Easy to follow rules that will lead to people saying “that was a helpful slide”
  • Neuroscience-based design tips that lead to “clean design”

You’re going to love it.

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