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In between learning sessions, your learners work on real projects with peers, get face time with their learning coach, and make learning stick.

You'll Experience the Height of Scientific Learning Design

We leveraged 32 studies to design our program. Learning nerds, rejoice.

Graduate Certified

Your attendees put in the work and receive certifications to prove it.

Here's How to Get 180% Better Results

To achieve a 180% average increase in learning application the learning experience must include the following elements.
(Spoiler alert: at Gravity Learning, we include them all.)


Increase Motivation to Learn
(+24% better results)

Increase Intention to Use
(+18% better results)

Align Learning to Career Goals:
(+17% better results)

Increase Belief in the Ability to Learn:
(+11% better results)


Modeling & Practice
(+15% better results)

Setting Goals and Actions
(+11% better results)

Align Learning to career goals:
(+17% better results)

Increase Belief in the Ability to Learn:
(+11% better results)


Peer Support
(+33% better results)

Manager Support / Coaching
(+26% better results)

Clear Connection to Job
(+17% better results)

Reviewing Learning Content
(+11% better results)


Most Popular Certificate Series

New Leaders Certificate Series

4-part series

Delegate out of Micromanagement

If part of a manager’s job is being responsible for success, how do leaders resist micromanagement tendencies?

Here we explore how leaders can assign tasks and trust that they’ll be done well. Effective delegation is one of the most useful tools some leaders never learn.

Build Trust and Motivation

Without trust and motivation, what do you have?

The good news is that there are very strong studies that reveal what goes into trusting leaders and building motivation.

The better news is that there are practical tools and practices anyone can apply right away.

Feedback and Scary Conversations

When done well, frequent feedback is the number one thing you can do to affect employee growth. But what if the feedback doesn't work?

Here we dive into the fascinating world of how the most successful leaders deal with growth-oriented conversations; even the ones no one wants to have.

Leading Fantastic Meetings

Wouldn't you like to be one of those leaders who holds  lead engaging, action-oriented meetings that get things done? 

This hands-on workshop focuses on how to get the most out of remote meeting platforms and in-person meetings. 

You’ll leave people saying, “That was a great meeting!”.

Coaching Certificate Series 

4-part series

Avoiding the Advice Trap

Coaches skillfully navigate asking questions while the coachee figures out complicated issues and makes decisions on their own.

The hard part is that we all love to give advice especially when we know the right thing to do. Taming your advice monster is the necessary first step towards supporting people through growth; not telling them to grow.

Listening and Feeding Back Like a Pro

Our brains aren't made to listen, they're made to survive.

In this session we learn the tools professional coaches use to gain the mindset of true listening and making people feel heard.

These are skills you'll be thankful to have for the rest of your professional life (and beyond).

Coaching Conversations in 5 Steps

Complicated processes are easier if you can break them into managable steps; so that's what we did. Following our simple 5-step method, you can navigate almost any coaching conversation.

We're very proud of this method. Feel free to call and ask us about it.

"Next-Level" Coaching and Challenging Situations

What do you do if coachees answer every question with, "I don't know." What if they don't live up to accountabilities? What if the coachee becomes frustrated and keeps directly asking you for advice?

In this session we navigate the bumpy road that coaching can sometimes be. Then we pratice on each other until we're ready to take the coaching show on the road.

Project Management Certificate Series

4-part series

Start a Project the Right Way

We've all seen projects start on a whim and end with a whimper. Starting a project the right way is one of the most important components of project management.

We also learn how to elegantly respond to change requests. Who wouldn't want to know how to do that?


Planning for Success and Accuracy

Who's good at planning? Almost no one naturally.

Here, we learn the secrets professional project managers use to determine scope, correctly estimate time, and build a step-by-step plan.

This session is a game changer.

Planning for and Avoiding Risk

If you hired a project manager, you'd want them to anticipate what could go wrong and create plans to lessen that risk, right? Well, that project manager can be you.

We overcome the weird psychology around "I don't want to think about it" by leveraging a reassuring step-by-step process. Learning risk management leads to feeling safe.


Tracking and Stakeholder Management

Let's face it, sometimes it's not the lack of planning that causes the trouble. It's the people.

Here, the project manager learns how to manage projects, stay on track, communicate clearly, and keep important people happy.

Data and Visualization 

4-Part Series

Introduction to Data Science

In the recent past, business data was available to us only through the IT department. Now data is more easily accessible and there is more data than ever before.

Understanding  business data and the science behind it drives better business decisions. Since we all have direct access to this powerful information, let’s learn the best way to use it.

Business Data Organization

Business data is stored in many locations and services. Pulling it together in a logical, efficient manner can be a huge challenge.

Let’s learn how to use the tools we already have (and perhaps some new tools) to gather and organize our business data and put it to work for you and those who depend on you.

Powerful Queries - Get the Data You Need

All of us have direct access to seemingly endless amounts of data. 

It is crucial to ask solid business questions and use the answers for better, more informed business decisions. A strong knowledge of data query tools and the skills to use them can be amazing.

Storytelling with Data Visualizations

Gathering, organizing and querying data are all important skills. But most of us do not want to sift through thousands of lines to get the big picture. 

Visualization tools are prevalent and getting better everyday. Are you using these tools to tell your business story in the most impactful way? Let's make sure you are.

Additional Learning Series

If you don't see what you want, reach out. We'll build you one. 


SharePoint Administration


Emotional Intelligence


Change Management


Communication for Leaders


Master Remote Teaching


Project Management


Data and Visualization


SharePoint Administration


Advanced Productivity

Included With Every Learning Series 


Four 2-hour interactive learning sessions


Final session where attendees present a group project


Manageable before and after activities: videos, articles, and things to think about


Learning report for leaders, including discussion suggestions and actionable activities


Optional 1-on-1 Coaching or Office Hours


Peer-to-peer assignments and discussions (we’ll pair you up)


Certificate and digital badging for social media, LinkedIn, and bragging rights

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