Proposed Learning Journey - Eden Housing

The most important communication tools might be the ones no one wants to use.

Let’s face it, some conversations are scary. No one likes conflict. Worrying about what’s going to happen or what we should have said can keep us up at night.

Eden employees have been around the “workshop block” and are ready to take it to the next level for the tough stuff.


“Lack of Growth is the #1 reason people quit their jobs.”

- Deloitte Jobs Survey (2016)

Solution and Workshops 

High stakes and “winging it” are a bad combination. When you have a game plan, it is easier to be courageous.

We’ll unpack and practice real-world, psychologically sound communication techniques to help through the toughest conversations, both giving and receiving.

Below, we've suggested a 2-workshop series.

Workshop Duration: 2hrs each - 1 week apart
Delivery: live, hands-on, remote delivery (in-person is available)
Number of Attendees: Rate is inclusive of up to 20.  



When we don’t know how to start and navigate difficult conversations, we tend to avoid them or create more trouble than we solve. Here, we address why conversations go wrong and learn how to feel more confident going in.


Depersonalized conversations people are less likely to take wrong

The ability to push past defensive reactions and reach real solutions

"Didn’t we talk about this already?" A strong gameplan for what to do when you have to have the same conversation again (and maybe again)

Psychologically impactful power phrases for delivering bad news to employees and residents



Being on the receiving end of tough messages is fun, isn’t it? Powerful communication tools help us stay open and humble when necessary and allow us to hold respectful boundaries even when people don’t play nice. These are game changers.


The ability to calmly respond to emotional manipulation, blame, and rude questions

An honorable way to own mistakes

The ability to receive tough feedback and look good doing it

Gracefully sticking to your “no”, even under pressure


Special Sauce: Our Extended Learning Model 

Our methods result in an average of 180% better learning.

We’ve all experienced “feel good” training that didn’t make a significant difference. Gravity Learning courses leverage research that leads to real impact.

We back it up with a satisfaction guarantee.

Download the Extended Learning Support Model to see how we get 180% better learning results. 

Special Sauce #2: Evaluation that Proves Learning 

Bank on it.

Learning will be evaluated to prove effectiveness all the way to ROI.

All workshops measure: 

  • Reaction: What is the initial response to the learning?
  • Learning: Did learners learn anything?
  • Behavior: Did learners take action? 
  • Results: Did the action make an impact?
  • ROI: Did the learning make sense in dollars and cents?

Our ROI calculator helps you to predict what sort of results you'll need to make training worth it.

Remember to consider cascading benefits. A manager who saves herself 5 minutes may save a team an hour.  

Options and Pricing

Start with fantastic. Build from there. 

Each 2-hour session is available in 3 tiers.
Custom program design is available and encouraged. Additional fees may apply.

Standard Workshop – $2,950/ea: 2 session total: $5,900
(includes peer-to-peer partnering & follow-up practice assignments)

BONUS: Choose 1 feature from the next tier or take 10% off "Max Impact"


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Bonus "Give Back" Program

New clients choose their favorite charity and we'll deliver a workshop for free of charge. 

We'll reach out to your charity of choice and deliver a workshop of their choice in your name.