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Always info rich. Never sales pitch. 

Gravity packs tons of facinating info into every
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Excel for People Already Good at Excel

You can pivot a table. You can formulate a formula or two. You get giddy when you learn a trick you don’t know, and you think Excel is fun in ways you don’t talk about at parties. 

Get ready to be happy. In this 30-minute webinar, Tom Vorves, master facilitator and data guy, brings the tips, tricks, features, and time savers that put the "excellent" in excel.

Details: 30 info-rich minutes: 9:30-10am PST, 12:30-1pm EST
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Past Events

Just because you missed out,
doesn't mean you have to miss out.

To be fair, people who attend live get extra handouts, cheat sheets, job aids, and smiles.


How Things Really Work: The Science of Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence is all about what part of your brain is working. And, you can control it. Sort of.

How Visualizing Something Into Existence Works
Visualization works. Here's the science!


Find Out How Long Things Really Take - Toggl
Find out how long things really take by timing your work on projects. Free for teams of up to 5. 

Brainstorm and Plan - Miro
The best online tool we’ve seen for post-it note brainstorming AND flowchart building. Free for up to 3 boards, but you can delete your old ones. 

Free Images that are Really Free - Unsplash | Pexels
You can use these high quality images legally for business purposes. 

Discover Cool Business Names with Available URLs - LeanDomainSearch | Bust a Name 
If you've got to have a cool name like "Gravity Learning", you've got to have a cool URL like Use these tools to discover both.

Make an "Add to Calendar Link" for your email or event pages
Why not just send someone a calendar invite? A link is way cooler. 


The Ultimate Guide to Measuring Learning and ROI
We all know that you can't get ROI out of most learning programs, except you totaly can. Here's how we do it.

How to Get 180% Better Learning Results
Fascinating research reveals that the way you design learning programs makes a huge difference in whether the learning gets applied later. This stuff is our jam.



Symbols that Mean... Things
The world's largest online encyclopedia of graphic symbols! You can use them to say in pictures what you can't say in words. 

Point Your Phone at a Plane to Find out Where it’s Going and What Kind of Aircraft it is.
This app is free and blow-you-away cool. Kids love it. 

Zoom in From 10 Million Light Years Away to a Single Proton
The vintage web design is half the fun! 

Craving a Restaurant's Special Recipe?  Make it at Home!
Famous recipes. You liked it at the restaurant. Now make it at home. Secret Sauce? Not anymore.

What does Your Phone Number Spell?
Our phone number spells i15-brew-spa, which would be fantastic if we served beer and gave massages just off Interstate 15. 

Stupid Kitschy Garbage That Everybody Loves.
Rubber Chickens, Smoking Donkeys, and Angel Snot all make for great stocking stuffers. This playful site is crammed full of interesting and nostalgic items. You’ll have a great time just looking around.

Buy Interesting Stuff from Police & Municipality Auctions 
Want to buy a car? A watch? A firetruck? Seized, stolen, abandoned and surplus goods. Browsing is half the fun. 

We’re Americans. Our Names Don’t Mean Anything. …Or do they?
What does your name mean? What do your friend’s names mean? Do you know that Stanley means "stone clearing" in Old English? 

Two Ways to Hypnotize a Chicken.
You’ll never know when you’ll need a back-up way to hypnotize a chicken.

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